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June 2012

 ‘Let all the world in every corner sing’

When George Herbert penned those words we lived in a very different world but the mission and worship of God goes on to this day. It is a real privilege to be able to support the missionary activity of the church in whatever way we can.

I hope that through reading this update you will sense God at work and in return ponder what you might do to join in.

The first commitment to this work is in prayer. Can you find a way to include these individuals, mission partners and communities in your prayer times?

The second commitment to this work might be offering your time, talents and treasures to support the work in some way. Could you hold a small fundraising event to bless the work or do you have practical skills that could be put to use as a supporter of the mission initiative?

The third commitment might be purely personal. Could you send them a card at Christmas, an e-mail or letter to encourage them? If they visit the UK could you offer help in some practical way?

These partners may well be serving in faraway places but we can get involved and share the work with them in some small way. The mission of God needn’t be so global and foreign that we can’t get involved.

With every blessing,


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