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Soroti Diocese
[Message from David Watts, Administrator of Teso Development Trust (TDT)   - received 6th Sept 2013.] 

Two weeks ago we returned from Teso Uganda.  We had an excellent visit, and met the clergyman who has been given a motorbike due to your congregation’s kind  donation.  He is called Rev Canon Silas Ebagu whose parish is that of Kagga in Kaberamaido This is the area due west of Soroti and is one of the more remote parts of the district.  His parish is at the most extreme part of it hence his case for a motor bike.  He is based about 60 miles from Soroti via some very bad roads for most of the route – not easily done by push bike.  Bishop George did 110 confirmations in his Church while we were there and preached the gospel to the congregation that came. The result was that they saw many dozens of people respond to the call for follow Christ  so Silas’s parish work is obviously  being very effective in extending the Kingdom.

The other programme your funding went towards is the lay readers centre in Soroti where we met the students - 35 of them - and their centre is  more or less complete except for a dining room where  work is planned.  The centre has now got a fully equipped library and is developing an active link with Cranmer Hall, Durham - their second student to visit and provide  training has just arrived.  The principal Rev Robert Angiro is doing a good job .

OMF weekend in June

Some of the sessions from the OMF Day conference held here at St Philips and St James Church on Saturday 8th June have been uploaded to dropbox. You don’t have to be a dropbox user to be able to download these files. Not all sessions are available for security and other reasons, but 3 are. If you missed the opportunity to hear Martin Goldsmith on Saturday his 2 Bible talks are very worth listening to – the first is 28 minutes and the second around 20. The third is about 45 minutes long and contains Miriam’s session on Japan – audio only sadly without one of the 2 powerpoints – but it includes a testimony by Masami Cobley, student at Redcliffe college, who has a remarkable testimony on how seeking God in the 1960’s in Japan led her into the Moonies, and only 30 years later in Bath did she eventually find the Lord. This is very well worth listening to.

1.Habbakuk 1:5 Martin Goldsmith

2.Habbakuk 2:14 Martin Goldsmith

3.Miriam Davis with Masami Cobley on Japan

On Friday evening we presented each of our own five mission partners:

Powerpoint of our overseas mission partners download 

Powerpoint of our local foodbank partner download

Notes on our link with Soroti, Uganda

Toilet Twinning

TearFund are offering individuals or organisations to fund the building of a latrine somewhere of their choice where TearFund work. The cost is just £60 and you receive a certificate with a photo of your ‘sponsored loo’. Many people are prompted to find out about this initiative just by reading the words on the displayed on the displayed certificate and so the initiative is growing rapidly.

 At St Philip & St James, Hucclecote, we have been presented with 6 certificates stating that we have paid for the installation of 6 toilets in Soroti Diocese, where the church has a link.  This was suggested by the Global Mission team using money allocated to the Tithe Budget of 2012 .  The remainder of the donation will be used for clean water provision to villages in or near Soroti Diocese. 

Soon the certificates, showing 6 different photographs, will be displayed in our church buildings:


More information about this initiative is available at

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