Fabric Team

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St Philip and St James church has four buildings on the church site as well as the church. The Fabric Team looks after the whole site and meets every 2 months throughout the year, along with our site supervisor Rob Griffin, to review where we are with various improvements, ongoing repairs and general maintenance and to establish if any new problems have arisen and needing action. Work that is within the capabilities of the team and its helpers is carried out as and when people are available; electrical work, major roofing work, stonework and work on the various gas appliances is carried out by the specialists.

During 2012 we worked in church carrying out high level cleaning in the roof space, some repainting of the walls and the replacement of the bulbs in the high level lamps. The toilet was also redecorated and at the end of the year the carpet was cleaned. In November the lightning conductor was reattached to the spire. Those of us who were there whilst this work was being carried out had an exhilarating ride to the top of the spire ‘to check out that the job had been carried out satisfactorily’. The photographs of the event show the equipment used and the reattached lightning conductor.

During August we moved into the church centre and cleaned and redecorated the kitchen, the north porch and the main hall. 

Our aim is to establish the church site as welcoming, hospitable, clean and fit for purpose in order to serve the church’s mission and vision priorities. The team is always in need of helpers, so if you feel that you can contribute please contact the church office.


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