Communication Team

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 CommunicationOur vision is to radically overhaul and improve our existing internal communication within the church family, to develop professional methods of external communication to the community (website, newsletters, e-mails, publications, press releases, articles for local press).

Being radical doesn’t necessarily mean being revolutionary. We have consistently improved our means of communication in a succession of small steps. New hardware and software has been purchased to support our worship. Church members are now able to plan further ahead using a monthly information sheet, in addition to our weekly notice sheet. Our web-site has been progressively expanded and is now far more comprehensive than it was a year ago. Further developments are being considered to exploit the capabilities of a new web-site provider, as recommended by the Diocese. New features under discussion include the possibility of seeking grass-root opinion through on-line polling, and forums for discussion within the PCC work groups.

Communication with parishioners without internet access is partly achieved through the Hucclecote Link which now publishes our vicar's ‘Thought for the Month’ and the programme of future events.

Nevertheless, the Team recognises that Communication can always be improved, and we welcome any suggestions from readers of this page.

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