Our Vision 2012 - 2015

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of St Philip & St James Church is to share the message of Jesus in our community & beyond and to grow mature disciples by encountering God, supporting each other and serving the world.
The vision of our church is to grow deeper, wider, bolder, bigger.

Introduction from the vicar

For several years the PCC & church leaders have been seeking God to provide guidance for the future direction and life of our parish.  This document is directly related to the work done by the PCC over a number of years and has  now been condensed into a manageable set of hopes, aspirations and pointers for ministry.   More . . . 

Ten key areas for growth     (click on each for more detail . . . )

  1. Ministry & Leadership      
  2. Prayer & Worship      
  3. Young people & Children       
  4. Mission      
  5. Discipleship       
  6. Pastoral Care       
  7. Facilities & Buildings      
  8. Finance & Administration       
  9. Communication       
  10. Social & Fellowship       

1. Ministry & Leadership:

 a) ascertain what ministry leadership is needed to support and grow the life of the parish (providing role descriptions and contact details for key leadership positions).

 b) research and provide training support for those that fulfill the ministries of the church.

 c) ascertain the gifts and talents of the church family, to make most appropriate use of them and to support them in discerning and developing new gifts.

 d) provide opportunities for leaders to network together and explore positive frameworks for communication.

 e) identify and support new and future leaders and the gifts and talents of new church members and to make it easier for members to get involved with the ministries on offer with improved communication.

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2. Prayer & Worship:


 a) establish prayer as an integral part of our life as a corporate church and as individual believers.

 b) raise confidence in prayer and explore the breadth of prayer opportunities and styles of praying.

 c) ensure prayer support for ongoing ministries, events and activities.

 d) establish a local cycle of prayer (ministries, events, ministers, leaders).

 e) renew our confidence and expertise in prayer ministry and develop our provision of prayer ministry across the life of the church.

 f) provide opportunities for focused outward looking prayer for Hucclecote, Gloucester City, the Diocese and other areas of concern.


g) ensure relevance and accessibility of worship making creative use of space available.

h) revisit the use of movement in worship (liturgical, use of worship space, dance, banners).

i) raise the quality and effectiveness of preaching paying particular focus to delivery, context, themes and application. To consider how the preacher might invite a response to the message given.

j) develop the resources, training and support for preachers, service leaders and musicians.

k) ensure that all aspects of worship services are conducted with quality and in a professional way to the best of our ability (sound, vision, welcome, refreshments etc.) and dependent on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

l) make good use of visiting speakers for Sunday worship and to resource one off events.

m) provide a format for congregational input and feedback.

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3. Young people & Children:

 a) keep the ministry to young people going and growing (new ideas, new ventures, what's possible?: midweek, messy church, crafts/ sport/ music based ministry, a bridge between coffeepot/teddy bears & church life, one off special events)

 b) explore the possibility of paid staff for children's ministry.

 c) resource ministry leaders with support, training and networking with other churches and to support those active in our local schools.

 d) improve our external publicity of ministry on offer and better internal communication to church members of what the children actually do or learn in their ministry groups.

 e) work with the families and specific ministry groups to ensure that the younger members contribute to our worship and feedback on their ministry activities to the whole congregation.

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4. Mission:

Local mission

a) engage the whole church in local mission wherever they are to friends, neighbours & colleagues and by affirming our Christian distinctiveness through the ministries of teddy bears, coffeepot, munch club, schools work & the Alpha course.

 b) play an active role in the Hucclecote HUB (three local churches working together).

c) establish ministry and mission outreach at the Cranham Gate & Coopers Edge** areas of the parish (**in partnership with local parishes and subject to diocesan decisions).

d) explore informal and formal chaplaincy to local schools, businesses, police station, doctors surgery and community centres.

e) pursue mission opportunities made through baptisms & thanksgivings, weddings, funerals, annual memorial service & other special services (WI, PROBUS, James Hopkins Trust).

Global mission

f) encourage and grow healthy sustainable relations with the mission organisations and mission partners that we support.

g) find effective ways to communicate mission news to the church and church news to the various mission partners. To reinvigorate the missions newsletter.

h) explore opportunities for mission trips, visits and partnerships that mutually benefits the local church and the global partners.

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5. Discipleship:

 a) fulfill the church mission to grow deeper, wider, bolder and bigger.

 b) develop pathways of discipleship that are active, engaging & life giving for the whole congregation.

 c) utilise our house groups and fellowship groups as places of prayer, bible study, worship and pastoral care. To establish a regular meeting point for group leaders and opportunities for whole church teaching and worship events.

 d) gather together good quality resources for house groups and fellowship groups.

 e) ensure that real life issues are addressed in prayer, worship, group activity and preaching themes.

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 6. Pastoral Care:

 a) provide pastoral care for the church family and community links through visiting & befriending, offering prayer, noticing when members are absent and offering general practical support.

 b) develop and implement a new and healthy pastoral care scheme which also highlights the effectiveness of prayer and prayer ministry.

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7. Facilities & Buildings:

a) establish what we actually need or want from our current buildings and facilities and to ascertain what we might want from these facilities in the future.

b) during 2012 we will make use of the building development funds to establish the church site as welcoming, hospitable, clean and fit for purpose in order to serve the church's mission and vision priorities.

c) work towards the long term development of the church site facilities.

d) pursue grants and external funding for the church site facilities.

e) ensure that signage is renewed across the church site.

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 8. Finance & Administration:


 a) continue to increase efficient giving and preaching/teaching on stewardship.

 b) pursue grants and funding for new ventures and existing ministries.

 c) extend our fundraising for our mission partners and other external charities.


 d) ensure efficient church administration and continual recruitment of volunteers.

 e) work towards increasing our administration hours.

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 9. Communication:

 a) radically overhaul and improve our existing internal communication within the church family & develop professional methods of external communication to the community (website, newsletters, e-mails, publications, press releases, articles for local press).

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10. Social & Fellowship:

 a) promote and model unity and fellowship across the life of the church family.

 b) grow confidence and raise a sense of encouragement across the church family providing 'thank you' events for volunteers and ministry leaders.

 c) create good quality events based on fun & fellowship (where members can invite others to attend) and one off events for different age groups, interest groups or genders.

 d) increase connectivity between the two morning congregations.

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